Amateur Dual-Band Base Antenna

Tram 1480 Amateur Dual-Band Base Antenna

  • $64.71
  • Save $15.28

Reduce your precipitation static and lower your background noise with the Tram(R) Amateur Dual-Band Antenna. This 8-foot, 2-section antenna features a heavy-duty fiberglass base station, an insulated conductor, a 144-148 MHz/440-450 MHz frequency range, 6dBd gain VHF/8 dBd gain UHF, and a power capacity of 200 Watts. Accepts mast diameters from 1.81"-2.44". Includes bracket and three 20.5" radials.

  • 8ft tall
  • Heavy-duty, fiberglass construction
  • 144MHz-148MHz/430MHz-450MHz
  • 6dBd gain VHF/8dBd gain UHF
  • 2 sections
  • Imp: 50ohm
  • UHF (SO-239) connector
  • Mast dia accepted: 1.81"-2.44"
  • Includes bracket & three 20 1/2" radials

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