Combination Resettable Cable Lock (Blue)

WordLock CL-409-BL Combination Resettable Cable Lock (Blue)

  • $17.80

The WordLock(R) 10mm x 5ft Combination Resettable Lock in blue is perfect for keeping your valuables safe and secure. The lock comes in a compact size that's easy to store or toss into your backpack. It's easy to set and reset your own combination with up to 10,000 possible combinations. The all-weather vinyl coating helps minimize scratching while the black dials bear easy to read white letters. This lock also has a bike mounting bracket so you can carry it along your bike with ease.

  • Compact size
  • Comes preset with a 4-letter password
  • All-weather vinyl coating helps minimize scratching
  • Black dials
  • White letters
  • Includes a bike mounting bracket
  • Blue

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