ULA2D D Alkaline Batteries, 2 pk

Ultralast ULA2D ULA2D D Alkaline Batteries, 2 pk

  • $14.58

Looking for D cell alkaline batteries? This 2 pack of ULA2D D Alkaline Batteries from Ultralast is just what you need. Use these D batteries if you need advanced, longer-lasting battery technology. These batteries meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications.

  • 1.5A
  • 12,980mAh
  • Long-lasting
  • Alkaline-Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO2)
  • Not rechargeable
  • Carded
  • Compatible with Allen-Bradley(R) 1771-P1, GE(R) Fanuc(R) BA3202/U, Delphi SA10001, Delphi SKYFi Audio System, Delphi SKYFi Boombox SA10001, Delphi SKYFi2 CD Audio System, Sirius(R) Portable Boombox, Sirius(R) XS034, Sirius(R) Portable Boom Box Delphi SA10034-11, Duracell(R) MN1300, Duracell(R) PC1300, EVEREADY(R) E95, EVEREADY(R) EN95, GE(R) Fanuc(R) A98L-0031-0005, Grainger(R) 5LE21, IEC LR20, IEC LR20N, NEDA number13A, NEDA number13AC, NEDA number13F, NSN - 6135-00-835-7210, Panasonic(R) 813, Panasonic(R) 4020, Panasonic(R) 7520, Panasonic(R) 13A, Panasonic(R) AM1, Panasonic(R) AM1PAX, Panasonic(R) AM-1PI, Panasonic(R) AM-1PIX, Panasonic(R) AM1X, Panasonic(R) BA3030U & Panasonic(R) KD

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