Infant & Toddler Bath Scale

Salter 914WHLKR Infant & Toddler Bath Scale

  • $84.52
  • Save $15.47

The Salter Baby and Toddler Bath Scale is the perfect product for parents who want to keep track of their children's weight at home or between doctor visits. The scale features a comfortable, securely fitted weighing tray to keep babies safely in place when being weighed. It also comes with a Hold feature to keep accurate weight on the display, even when your child moves around. To continue using the scale when your child grows older, it easily converts to a toddler scale by simply removing the tray.ýThe scale has an easy-to-read 1.2" LCD readout and comes with auto-zero and auto off features. It is accurate up to 44 pounds and measures in 0.5 oz increments.

  • 44lb capacity in .5oz increments
  • 1.2" LCD readout
  • Electronic baby & toddler scale
  • Comfortable, securely fitted weighing tray safely keeps baby in place
  • Converts to toddler scale by simply removing the tray
  • Hold function keeps accurate weight in display even when baby moves
  • Auto-zero & auto-shutoff functions
  • Requires 9V battery
  • 10-year warranty

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