700MB 80-Minute Digital Vinyl CD-Rs (10 pk)

Verbatim 97935 700MB 80-Minute Digital Vinyl CD-Rs (10 pk)

  • $14.67

Combining a groovy vinyl look with the rugged quality and performance of Verbatim CD-R technology comes Digital Vinyl CD-R, a recordable disc designed after the popular 45-rpm record format. Impossible to ignore, these attention-getters are a great way to save delicate LP collections, make a standout business presentation or simply burn your personal music mix. The 80-minute, 700 MB color-coded discs deliver reliable recording even at blazing drive speeds. Each disc comes protected by a special dual-layer coating that safeguards data for years to come. This is a pack of 10.

  • Retro vinyl design with the performance of optical technology
  • Each Digital Vinyl CD-R(TM) pack includes discs in 5 vibrant colors
  • Compatible with CD drives up to 52x speed
  • Ideal for LP-to-CD recordings & original music recording/mixing
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 10 pk

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