BATT-105 Replacement Battery

Ultralast BATT-105 BATT-105 Replacement Battery

  • $16.25

Need a replacement battery for your cordless phone? The Ultralast BATT-105 Replacement Battery fits the Avaya 3920 Cordless Phone and meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications. It's comparable to Lenmar LENCB0105.

  • 2.4V
  • Long-lasting
  • NiMH
  • 830mAh
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENCB0105
  • Compatible with Avaya(R) 3920, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2411, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2420, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2420B, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2421, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2421W, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2422, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2422W, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2423B, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2424, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2431, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2431W, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2432, Panasonic(R) KX-TG2480B, Panasonic(R) KX-TG5771S, Panasonic(R) KX-TG6576S, Panasonic(R) KX-TG6700B, Panasonic(R) KX-TG6702B, Panasonic(R) KX-TGA242B, Panasonic(R) KX-TGA570S, Panasonic(R) KX-TGA571S, Panasonic(R) KX-TGA670B, Toshiba(R) BT1009, Uniden(R) EXP10000, Empire(TM) CPH-508, Panasonic(R) #31, Panasonic(R) HHR-P105, Panasonic(R) HHR-P105A, Panasonic(R) HHR-P105A/B, Panasonic(R) TYPE 31, Uniden(R) BBTG0658001 & Uniden(R) BT1009

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