Laser Lens Cleaner for CD, DVD & Blu-ray(TM)

Uber 27311 Laser Lens Cleaner for CD, DVD & Blu-ray

  • $10.24

Use Uber's Laser Lens Cleaner for CD, DVD and Blu-ray to achieve better performance. This cleaner has been specifically designed to clean Blu-ray players, but it can also be used with your CD or DVD players, game consoles and CD-ROMs. For optimum performance from your electronic device, use the cleaning disc after every 8 hours of play.

  • Radial CD/DVD/Blu-ray(TM) laser lens cleaning system
  • Can be used with CD or DVD player, Xbox(R) & PlayStation(R)
  • For optimum sound & video playback
  • Easy-to-use instructions will play in 6 different languages
  • 90-day limited warranty

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