Deluxe Ergo Comfort Rest(TM) Seat Cushion

Wagan Tech 9988 Deluxe Ergo Comfort Rest Seat Cushion

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If you're looking for a single do-it-all cushion for the home, office or your car, you've found it! Wagan Tech's Deluxe Ergo Comfort Rest Seat Cushion has adjustable heat, massage, lumbar support and bio-magnets. The multi-zone remote control allows you to tailor the heat and massage to your liking: back, waist, legs, heat and/or massage--it's up to you! The top portion of the remote controls the zone and intensity levels while the bottom portion controls heat and/or massage functions of the cushion. The adjustable strap system allows you to securely fasten the cushion to your car seat, office chair or your couch at home. With the included AC and DC power adapters, it is easy for you to use the cushion wherever you choose!

  • 5 vibrating motors
  • 10 bio-magnets
  • 3 coiled thermal heaters
  • 80deg F max heating
  • 2 levels of massage speed per coverage area
  • 3 heat/massage selection modes
  • Interior material made of polyester foam
  • Safety pressure switch
  • 12V DC adapter
  • 110V AC adapter input with 12V/15V 1.5A output
  • Dim: 38.5"H x 17.5"W x 2.5"D
  • Includes remote & manual
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