Park Right(R) Parking Mat (Black)

MAXSA Innovations 37358 Park Right Parking Mat (Black)

  • $33.39

The Park Right Parking Mat from MAXSA Innovations is ideal for any garage, carport, or parking area where you want a quick and easy solution to help you park. This low-tech, easily installable black mat is a great parking aid that can be used just about anywhere! It features double-sided tape to keep it in place, or you can use the provided mounting holes to hard-mount it to a surface. 2 bumps of different sizes first lets you know you have reached the parking mat and then lets you know you are in the right spot. This mat comes in 1 size and should fit all vehicles.

  • Prevents damage to vehicles, garages & belongings
  • Antiskid tape prevents mat from moving
  • Built-in drip tray helps prevent water, snow or dirt from reaching the floor
  • 1 size fits all passenger vehicles
  • Dim: 2"H x 11"W x 21.5"D
  • Black

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