BOYO Vision iKeyfree-Pro iKeyFree PRO Smartphone Keyless System

  • $132.66
  • Save $67.33

Imagine walking up to your vehicle with your smart phone and it automatically unlocks the doors. Or, forget to lock the doors? Or, do you need to share 1 vehicle among multiple users? iKeyFree PRO Smartphone Keyless System is the solution to all these scenarios. It can control 5 vehicles via the PRO Smart phone app. It can lock and unlock vehicles with just a PIN code, by proximity or by tapping the windshield-mounted touchpad module. It will even lock the doors as you walk away!

  • IoT vehicle door lock system for multiple vehicles
  • Windshield-mounted touchpad module
  • Android(TM) and iOS(TM) compatible smartphone app
  • Controls up to 5 vehicles with PIN code
  • Bluetooth(R) connectivity
  • Random security-code feature
  • 3 ways to lock or unlock vehicle--smartphone for proximity usage, smart card via tap to touch pad and PIN code
  • Includes black keypad panel, main unit attachment, harness and user's manual

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