XM(R) Outdoor Home-Mount Antenna

SiriusXM TERK XM6 XM Outdoor Home-Mount Antenna

  • $80.35
  • Save $9.64

To receive better reception and maximum signal strength for your XM Radio, use a Terk XM Outdoor Home-Mount Antenna. This is antenna is designed specifically for XM home receivers and XM Plug-&-Play systems. It can replace the home antenna that is included with many XM Radio home kits and receivers, and can be installed to a wall, roof or mast.

  • For use with any XM(R)-ready home receiver or dock & play systems
  • Uses up to 100ft RG6 cable for simple wire management
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Easily attaches to roof, balcony or mast
  • Compact, weatherproof design

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