Full HD 1080p DVR Dual-Camera Video Driving System

Pyle PLCMDVR45 Full HD 1080p DVR Dual-Camera Video Driving System

  • $92.32
  • Save $112.67

The Pyle PLCMDVR45 Full HD 1080p DVR Dual-Camera Video Driving System provides you with 2 Full HD cameras plus an easily mountable rearview mirror. 1 camera is an exterior mount waterproof cam for rearview or reverse monitoring. The other camera is built-into the rearview mirror monitor assembly and it points towards the front windshield, to your forward driving direction. With cameras pointed both in the front and back of your vehicle, you will have complete vehicle driving and recording ability. Once installed, you will be able to capture Full HD 1080p video and extra sharp images with ease. The mirror monitor system mounts conveniently over your existing rearview mirror and features a built-in 4.3 in. LCD display screen. Use the screen along with PiP (Picture in Picture) ability to record video in both directions at the same time! Additional features include night vision recording, picture snapping ability, video recording ability, microSD Card slot, and auto recording on vehicle startup. The system comes with all the necessary cables and wires for installation.

  • Dual DVR camera recording system
  • Rearview, antiglare mirror monitor with 2 cameras
  • 1 camera is built into the mirror to capture images in the front, the other mounts externally to capture rearview sights
  • 4.3" display screen can be powered off for full mirror use
  • Lens viewing angle (both cameras): 140deg
  • Easily mounts over existing mirror
  • Picture-in-Picture displays both cameras at once
  • Easily snaps pictures & records video
  • Easy file transfer via microSD(TM) Card
  • .2 lux night vision illumination & low-light performance
  • Waterproof exterior camera (IP68) with built-in distance-scale lines
  • Parking-assist system
  • Video can be recorded from 1 or both cameras
  • Quickly mounts & is easily removable, or can be hard-wired or powered via included 12V accessory cable
  • Automatically records when vehicle starts
  • Selectable watermark/date stamp & resolution settings
  • Includes all necessary cables & wiring

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