PEV802 4" Under-Eave Exhaust Vent

Builder's Best 111804 PEV802 4" Under-Eave Exhaust Vent

  • $16.51

Vent bathroom fans or dryer vents right through an eave of your house with the efficient PEV802 4 in. Under-Eave Exhaust Vent from Builder's Best. The free-swinging back flapper protects against birds and rodents while providing excellent lint discharge. Not to mention, pre-drilled mounting holes in this vent make installation simple and secure.

  • Can be used for bathroom fan or dryer vent
  • Polypropylene molded plastic
  • Locking ring connection on back
  • Available with 3/4" connecting ring or 3" aluminum tail
  • Back draft flapper
  • White

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